Shot Down

by Josh Woodward

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released February 13, 2013




Josh Woodward Findlay, Ohio

I make Creative Commons acoustic rock. A lot of it.

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Track Name: Shot Down
Why even try to justify leaving, why not just run away?
Why even wait and hesitate breathing, why would you want to stay?
Nothing you say could change the way he feels, nothing could save you now
So just let this go

Every collapse that came to pass faded out of your memory
All of the times he left you blind, jaded, down on your aching knees
Why don't you see the lies that he's telling, why don't you give it up?
And just let him go

Shot down, with no sound
To the cold ground below
And there's no one around, you won't be found
So hang your head and [let it fade away]

Your heart on a string, without a wing flying, no one to hold the kite
He let you go, but still you blow by, oblivious to the height
Check out behind and you will find nothing's holding you to the ground
He just let you go


Don't let him pull you down, just let him drown alone
You'll land, and someday you will find a truer hand

I know you tried to see his side clearly, I know you gave your all
I know you died a little inside when nobody heard your call
Every mistake you come to make grows and echoes inside your brain
You need to let them go